Man rescues terrified dog 1hour before being put down, his reaction when saved has everyone teary eyed

Bronwnye Mirkovich waltzed into his local animal shelter looking for a best friend. He knew the chances of finding his fur-ever mate was slim, but he wanted to give the shelter a shot. He had no idea that his furry new family member, Edie, was waiting for him behind the metal gate. At first, Edit wasn’t sure about the large man looming in the corner. But as the camera rolled, her true nature showed and hearts melted around the world…

Sadly, over 1.5 million shelter animals are put down in the United States every single year. That’s why Bronwnye wanted to look at the shelter before heading to a designer dog store. Even though the thought of adopting a dog is nerve-wracking for some, there are a few surefire ways to determine whether or not a dog will mesh with your personality. According to The Huffington Post, there are five easy tests you can do with a dog you want to adopt. These will show you a brief look into the dog’s personality and how they’ll match with your lifestyle!

The tests are:

“1) After letting the dog or puppy sniff around a new enclosure for a few minutes, try to get his attention by calling out to him. Next, extend a toy or treat and walk six feet across the floor. Does he follow you?

2) Take a set of keys or a can filled with five pennies. Discreetly shake it behind your back. Then drop it on the floor five feet from your candidate and note his reaction.

3) Either hop or skip across the floor. Drop down as if you’ve tripped and shout, ‘Ouch!’ What does the puppy do?

4) If you’re still on board with your candidate, see how he tolerates being loved human style. Kneel down and pet him. If you’re testing a puppy or smaller dog, lift him gently into your arms or hold him in a soft embrace. If you sense any stiffening or hear even a soft growl, let go. This dog may not be conditioned to human touch.

5) Now restrain your candidate by a leash or collar, offering treats or toys if he seems startled or uncomfortable. Does he settle down? Try leading him on leash if he is older than 12 weeks and is already accustomed to wearing a leash and collar.”

After walking the rows of kennels, Bronwnye spotted a nervous, white fluffball cowering in the corner. Hundreds of people had passed by Edie, the Maltese mix, and she was just a few hours away from being put down. Bronwnye saw past Edie’s frightened shiver, matted fur and obvious malnutrition and looked directly into her soulful eyes. Clearly, this pup had gone through more than he could ever guess.

From that moment on, Bronwnye was bound and determined to give Edie the best life possible.

The mangy pup sensed that she was going to go to her furever home with Bronwnye and quickly started to perk up. She dropped her nervousness almost immediately, excitedly prancing around the room. She even laid down on her belly to get a celebratory scratch from Bronwnye! After a solid bath, round of shots and snuggle from the shelter staff, it was time for Edie to begin her new life outside of the shelter. We can tell Bronwnye will take care of this sweet girl!

Learn more about Edie’s rescue story below. Thank goodness there are people like Bronwnye in the world!

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