Man reunites with his lost dog at pet adoption event

Back in 2015, Nick Pizio and his ex-wife decided to share their home with a fur companion, so they adopted Lucy. Unfortunately, several months later, their beloved got lost they never seen her again!

Meantime, Nick met Shannon McCann and they also adopted a dog, Kuma, a beautiful husky. However, that wasn’t about to fill the gap Lucky left in Nick’s heart. But, last month, everything was about to change.

Nick and Shannon were relaxing on the couch and while scrolling on Facebook, the man came up to a dog adoption event by Planned Pethood Inc. Since they had no intention in adopting another dog, Nick wasn’t interested. However, he took a closer look as one of the dogs looked just like his beloved Lucy. Without thinking too much, they rushed to the event.

“We were both really [nervous] because we didn’t know if she was still at the event,” Shannon told the Dodo. “I could sense Nick’s [emotions] as he frantically scanned the store for the  event.”

And guess what!?…when they arrived there, Lucy instantly recognized her dad. What happened next was such a heartwarming reunion. With tears in his eyes, Nick quickly filled the papers and took her baby home.

“When she saw Nick, she popped right up and was wagging her tail like crazy,” Shannon said. “We were both hesitant because we never planned on having two dogs. But we just couldn’t bear to see Lucy homeless again.”

Thankfully, Shannon captured on camera the lovely moment when Lucky and her fur dad finally reunite, after so many years apart. “I’m crying. My fiancé was married before and they had a dog together. This past weekend he happened to see an adoption event advertised and his previous dog had been surrendered to the rescue group without him knowing, so we went to go see her. She hadn’t seen him in 3 yrs and recognized him right away and so we’re in the process of adopting her,” the woman wrote in a Facebook post.

h/t: thedodo

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