Quick thinking man saves his pit bull from sneaky thief

A pit bull owner in Port Elizabeth was very close to loose his beloved doggy, after a ruthless thief tried to steal him in a broad daylight. Thankfully, the owner was walking on the street, very close of his home, so he was able to stop the snatch. And the whole scene was captured on his security camera.

The footage shows how the thief is climbing the gate in his desperately attempt to grab the friendly doggy. At some point he managed to snatch the pit bull by his collar. But in the last moment, the quick thinking owner, who was just a few feet away, run and stopped the thief. After a brief altercation, the owner shoo him away.

However, this doesn’t end here! Because the rescued pup was adopted by his current owner just weeks ago, the thief tried to take advantage of it, claiming that he’s actually the right owner. But, when he was asked for a proof of that, he actually planned to steal him. The case was assigned to Marizanne Ferreira, an animal rescue volunteer in Port Elizabeth.

“The owner said he had asked the man to provide papers, proving his ownership of the dog, but he was unable to do so,” Marizanne Ferreira told the News24. “He then tried contacting the police as you can see in the video and in that time the man tried to pull the dog over the fence.”

The authorities are warning the dog owners to take extra safety measures as the theft numbers increased, recently. Therefore you should definitely micro-chip your four-legged companions and never leave them unattended.

“Dognapping is rife at the moment, so it is important that owners put the right measures in place to protect their pets,” Marizanne also declared. According to her, before bringing a pitbull home, these measure should be taken:

-Walls/fencing should be at least 2.4m high, with an electric fence at the top,
-try to ensure your dog is not visible from the front gate – install a second gate if necessary, the News24 reports.

Watch the incident bellow!

Credit: News24

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