Man thinks pets are gone in hurricane. Watch the tearful moment he find them in ruins

This summer, Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on Texas, displacing families and, according to The Balance, causing an estimated 180 billion dollars worth of damages. People weren’t the only ones affected, however. Unfortunately, when residents were evacuated for the hurricane, a lot of them didn’t have the opportunity to bring their pets with them. This was the case for Lester Morrow, a school teacher in Maple Grove, Texas.

Morrow, who also owns a 500-acre farm, told the Daily Mail, “My animals are my hobby and favorite pastime, and because they all have their own unique personalities, I love them like my own children. “At the moment that I was forced to evacuate, all I could do was move them to the highest ground possible, give a hug and kiss, and say a prayer for my beloved animals.”

When the storm had ended, Morrow was certain he had lost everything— including his farm animals. When he finally returned to his property to see the full extent of the damage, he decided he wanted to record the experience. Morrow holds the camera as he walks along a flooded pathway; the entire area is covered with random items that had been picked up by the rising flood. He describes the damage he sees while he approaches the animal clearing in the distance. Roughly one minute through, however, you hear him stop and sob:

“Oh my God… That’s Patty!”

As Morrow adjusts the camera, a big, black pig comes into view, making her way to her owner’s voice.

Morrow cannot stop bawling. “Oh my God, baby. How did you survive?” he asks Patty incredulously. “Okay, man up Lester,” Morrow tells himself, embarrassed by his emotional display. But not even two seconds later, he discovers his pregnant goat Meg…

His three, beautiful horses was there too!

…and Irma Jean, his beloved donkey!

“I’m so sorry we couldn’t help y’all,” he tells them, bawling the whole way through.

On Morrow’s GoFundMe page he writes:

“I never imagined my experience would get the reactions that it has but since it did, and still continues to grow, I hope you will all see in it how similar we all really are. Underneath our differing political views, languages, cultures, religious beliefs, etc… we are humans. We love and care for others in need and for those who are suffering. I always saw the United States as the one who plays humanitarian to the world but recently, I see that every people over every continent shares in that mission- I’m honored that you would choose me (and my animals, community) with your support.”

Bellow you can watch  Morrow’s miraculous and heartwarming reunion with his beloved animals!

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