Massive lion approaches a dog that entered into its enclosure—when it gets close, something unique happens


There’s a very strong reason why lions are called the kings of the animals. They are wild fierce animals and only the thought of meeting a lion face to face gives you goosebumps. On the other hand, there’s no animal more loyal, jovial and full of happiness as a dog is. So a friendship between a dog and a lion is not only hard to believe, but nearly impossible. Yes, you read it well, nearly impossible, because what we’re about to present you next shows that impossible is nothing into the animal world.

Even if so different, Miki the lion and Camila, an lovely Labrador Retriever are an exception to the rule, as they seem to be very best friends.

The big lion lives at the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation. But, every time when his dog friend is coming he receive her properly. And there’s nothing more proper as swiping her paw.

Of course, a kiss could not miss!

At first, the staff of the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation were a little bit scared as they thought Miki could be aggressive. Anyway, he did exactly the opposite.

Thankfully, someone has captured on camera the whole lovely scene and share it on YouTube. And trust me, this kind of video is one you’ll put it on repeat.

Anita Tagle, a user commented on the unbelievable video. “The lion lives in a Mexican sanctuary called the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation. In Mexico, it’s legal to buy them. He was rescued out of a tiny townhouse where he had to pretty much be cut out. When they were taking him away, they noticed the dog and how upset she was. They asked the owner to allow them to take her too! They didn’t want to separate them. The lion is Miki and her [sic] BFF is Camilla, “she said.

This incredible friendship tell us that love and respect between each other is for free. Watch it bellow: