Matthew McConaughey cooks 800 meals for firefighters tackling California blazes


For a few hours, actor Matthew McConaughey left the silver screen for a noble cause and a short change of career. The Oscar winner has prepared hundreds of turkey steaks, along with volunteers from a charitable association, special for the hard working american firefighters.

In total, McConaughey and the other volunteers prepared 800 packages with hot steaks, which they distributed to dozens of fire stations around Los Angeles.
Another 800 packages arrived at shelters for people in need. More than 1,300 firefighters are fighting California vegetation fires.
Matthew McConaughey: “We prepare steaks and deliver them to 20 fire stations, to people who intervene in the fires that are around Los Angeles right now. The initial reason I came here was to thank the firefighters who extinguished the Walsing fire last year. But … as you know, other fires have erupted now and we have not come to say “thank you”, but to help. ”

They wrote:

Huge thank you to Operation BBQ Relief and #matthewmcconaughey for donating trays of delicious BBQ to our crews around the city.