Meerkats escape from zoo to play minigolf

Enough is enough, decided a group of meerkats who escaped from a zoo to enjoy a sunny day at the beach. The hilarious scenes, that looked like something out of a Disney movie, took place on the streets of Essex, England.

The waggish creatures broke out of Sealife Adventure and they all looked so fascinated by the tourists they met in their way. While running all the way down to the beach, the bunch of suricate ended up crashing a minigolf course. After all who can blame them when they’ve seen so many holes so good to explore.

According to the Sun, the meerkats did escaped because of someone who entered into their zoo enclosure. Thankfully, shortly after the incident the whole group safely returned back. But not before they’ve taken some viral pictures with the people they met on their way.

“Fortunately members of the public, police and PCSO assisted in keeping the meerkats in the area. The meerkats recognised Melissa’s Blue shirt (the same colour as the Sealife Adventure Team) which encouraged them to rally around her,” Sealife Adventure wrote in a Facebook post.

“By now the Sealife Adventure team, Managing Director Marc Miller and Security Supervisor Mitchell Lotter arrived – and our meerkats rescue plan went into action. Animal Keeper Nick (next on the scene) has a strong bond with the meerkats having been with them at Tropical wings – he has known many of them from birth. This bond allowed him to coax most of them back home – and they were happy to get there.

“Our team were magnificent throughout this incident – well rehearsed plans and protocols swung into action efficiently, our team went above and beyond the call of duty and we are eternally grateful for all of their efforts. Our police officers and PCSO Adams were also invaluable along with members of the public who assisted to contain the animals. There is one last piece of help we need,” the Facebook post reads.

Now, the zoo officials are looking for any information that can lead them to the person who put the animals at risk. They’re offering a £1000 and an annual pass for anyone who can help!

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