Meet ‘Buster’: the 150lb gentle giant

I am sure that any dog lover knows that the breed has only a small impact on the dog’s personality and loyalty. It’s actually much more important how the owner treats the dog. Or the way he’s been trained. Anyway, even if these facts are well known, people have tendency to fear of the big dogs. And that’s just totally wrong.

The fact is that no matter how big they grow or how fierce they look, all dogs are lovely and playful. And all those big dogs out there are nothing but just some gentle giants. And that’s why we see a lot of people who are living with they children alongside some large dog breeds as Newfoundlanders, Labradors, Huskies or Great Danes.

One of those people is a famous breeder. Known as Gator Head Bullies. A beautiful family who really love dogs. And they know that the big American Pit Bull Terriers are the perfect choice for breeding. And here they breed some giants..

One of their famous dogs is Buster. An adorable gentle giant who stealing hearts all over the internet. In a recent video they shoved this absolute beauty in all its splendor. At his age he’s one of the biggest dogs in the world. But despite his imposing stature, Buster is so gentle and cute. And he also love to play. A lot. You can see from his calmness and relaxed posture that she’s not a treat to anyone.

Watch the video bellow to take a look inside Gator Head Bullies!

h/t: | urbanleak

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