Michigan dad rushed into burning home to save his twin baby daughters

Without a second thought, this heroic dad from Michigan rushed into his burning home to save his 18-month-old twin daughters.

The 23-year-old Ray Lucas and his girlfriend Shi’Ann Brown were returning home from a store – where they went to buy milk – when noticed their house burning. Lucas’ mom who stayed home to look after the baby girls was desperately crying in front of the house, while the two girls were in the basement, sleeping in their crib.

Screenshot via WJBK/YouTube

I was speechless. Action took over me and I run into the flames,” the heroic father told CNN. “I’m looking at it as a father. I did anything that any other father would do or should do.”

Since the flames rapidly engulfed the entire house, there was a very dense smoke everywhere, but that doesn’t stop Lucas to put his life on the line to save his babies. Miraculously, the young man went in and managed to save both his daughters. Thankfully they all made it out alive, but they suffered sever burns, though.

Screenshot via FOX 2 Detroit/Youtube

However, that was not all. Soon after he got out from the house holding his daughters on his chest, Lucas realized his niece may also be trapped inside, so he went back, after he handled his daughters to their mother. Back inside, the man couldn’t find his niece, so he went in the back yard. There he spotted the her thorough a window. On Lucas guidance, the girl jumped through the window and her uncle caught her in his arms.

Beside sever burns, Lucas also lost eyesight for a few days, but the doctors said he will fully recovered. His daughters also been taken to an intensive care unit, but they will be fine, too. On the other hand, the house burn entirely with all the family’s possessions inside. The cause of the fire is still unknown!

Gwendolyn Powell-Dixon, Lucas’ aunt created a GoFundMe page to help the family. Without hesitation, the [babies’] father ran into the engulfed burning house through flames and managed to save his twin daughters,” she wrote. A lot of people heard about this heartbreaking story and wanted to help this family. And in a few days, the GoFundMe reached ten times the $40,000 goal.

h.t: washingtonpost| cnn

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