Military dad sends daughter teddy bear with his voice inside and her reaction wins the internet

Being away from your family it’s not easy, especially when your little baby is waiting for you. Sadly, this kind of situations are often when your are a soldier deployed overseas.

For military personnel deployed so far from home, there are long and hard periods of time without seeing their families. In a such difficult situation is Drew, a soldier in U.S. Army sent in an eight-month deployment, away from home and his little daughter Pia.

He knew that his little baby would miss him a lot, while he was gone, so Drew decided to make things a little bit easier for his little angel. The soldier made a special teddy bear, with his voice recording inside and send it back home. The little girl’s reaction when received the bear and heard her father voice saying “Hi P, I love you. See you soon,” is priceless.

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