Police find missing dog – confirm his identity when he sings his favorite song

Huskies are known as a very vocal dog breed. In fact they are the only breed to carry a tune. And even for many that might be a pretty annoying particularity, for a lost Siberian Husky it was this special attribute that allowed him to be reunited with his owner.

When a group of teenagers found a lost dog in the city of Beer Sheva in the Southern District of Israel, they decided to help the innocent soul. But since the puppy didn’t have a collar, the only thing the youngsters could have done for him was to take him at the police station.

The poor dog was weakened and malnourished, but even so he fitted the description of a missing Husky reported months ago. So the officers reached the presumably owner and told him to drive over to see if the dog was his. But the officers were surprised to find out  there is a better and easier way to check the dog’s identity. He asked the police to play the dog’s favorite songs and if he’d sang along, there would not be any doubt he’s his doggie.

Soon after, the theme song from the Israeli TV show “Shemesh,” – ‘Believe In Yourself’ by Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, started to play.  And to the surprise of the officers theHusky immediately perked up when he heard his favorite jam play.

It wasn’t long before the Siberian Husky started belting out in an epic sing-a-long. Thankfully, one of the officers captured on camera the heart-warming scene. Then, they immediately let the owner know his dog is waiting for him. When hearing the great news, the owner rushed over to reunite with his beloved furry companion.

“I cried the whole way here,” the man said hugging his dog and talking to the officers. “You poor thing. Thank you, thank you so much.” Look how happy these two are to be together again! Watch the dog’s vocal performance and his heart-warming reunion with his owner here:

h/t: cesarsway

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