Mom calls for broken washing machine and repairman’s discovery has internet going crazy

It’s well known that when we’re washing the clothes, there’s always a risk of losing a sock. There’s happening often to lose socks’ mate and we’re assuming to get them lost on the way. The truth is we’re all joking about how the washing machine makes things to disappear.

While trying to repair a broken washing machine, Cathy Hinz’s husband made a hilarious discovery. The Hinzs are the owners of a a manufactured home park in California, so they’re usually fixing a diversity of maintenance problems. Still, there was something curious with this washing machine. No matter how hard they’ve tried to fix the problem, the machine kept breaking down.

Cathy explained what happened next:

“Today, my husband got tired of fooling with one of the washing machines that was just not working properly and decided to take it apart, starting with the bottom panel. To his shock, this is what he found…

“Socks, underwear, a credit card… and that is just what was in the bottom of the machine. When he removed the water pump that removes the water from the machine, he found about $7 in change. Now, for those of you that swear, your machine eats your small things, and have been told by ‘professionals’ and others that this fable just is not true… Here is the proof!”

Cathy declared she has never seen anything like this before. “I don’t know what to say! 25 years he has been doing this job, and for 25 years he has been working on appliances, including washers and dryers. But NEVER have we seen this!”

So if you’re ever wondered why your socks and other items are missing after laundry, don’t worry anymore! The washing machine is making things to disappear. Thanks to Cathy and her husband, all we have to do is to check the washer and dryer for debris.

In the video bellow you can find out how to stop the washing machine from eating socks!




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