Mom film adorable twins doing more than just watching movie

Most of the time kids are doing the exact opposite of what they’re asked to do, usually when they think the parents are not watching. This mom knew that her little babies were up to do something unpredictable, so she decided to catch them out in the act and to immortalize the whole scene.

Mom placed her little twins in front of the TV and set up their favorite movie, Frozen, than she turned around and leaved the room. But this time, as soon as she walked out of the room, she grabbed her smartphone and started to secretly film them.

At first it looked like her tiny tykes were just goofing around, but their mother can’t even imagine what they were actually doing. As we can see in the video clip, the girl twin lay down on the pillow, while her brother gives her a back rub.

But, even if they look like playing around, their attention is on TV. Than, their mom realized that her little babies were playacting scenes from Frozen. In the movie scene, Anna wakes up Elsa to run downstairs to build a snowman. The little boy waves his hand around in the air as if he were magically creating a snowball, exactly like Elsa.

In the video bellow you can see these two adorable twins acting!



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