Mom surprises boy at school with his lost puppy

I just can’t even imagine how devastating it must be to loose your beloved pup. Unfortunately, so many dog owners have forced to experience this terrifying feeling. Recently, Carter Licata had been through this, but fortunately his story has a happy ending.

For Carter and his beloved pug, Piper “it was love at first sight,” since they met. They boy and his 2-year-old furry friend, used to spend all the time together and they were so happy together. But last month, something truly heartbreaking happened. The little pup, went missing.

“On November 18, we let our pug, Piper, out…and she didn’t come back when we called her,” April Licata, Carter’s mom wrote in a Facebook post. “It had been a long two and a half weeks for my oldest two children, Carter and Natalie, thinking they would never see their puppy again. Piper was a very special gift for Carter’s 12th birthday.”

Devastated, the family tried their best to find the missing puppy. They shared photos of Piper everywhere, but as the days were passing, they’ve all feared for the worse. “We were all sick. The older kids wanted nothing to do with decorating the Christmas tree and it was a very somber Thanksgiving for them,” April said.

But just when they thought it would be the worst Christmas ever, the miracle happened. April received a Facebook message from Genesee County Animal Shelter. According to it, they might have find Piper. “We got a message…that a dog that looked like Piper had been picked up and taken to the animal shelter. I was truly shocked,” April recalls.

Thankfully, it turned out that dog really was Piper.”Seeing her little tail wag as she came out from the back of the Genesee County AnimalShelter…I lost it,” the woman said.

That day, Carter and his sister, Natalie, were at school, so their mom decided not to tell them, but to surprise them. The 14-year-old boy was at school, when his mom decided to take Piper to finally reunite with her best friend. The moment was overwhelming for all of them. Watch the heartwarming reunion here!

“My son loves his dog so much, was sick while she was gone, and tonight she’s sleeping next to him again,” April wrote. “What a Christmas miracle for our family!”

h/t: Facebook

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