Motel Cleaner Lifts Bed Sheet Only To Find Strangers Left Unusual Tip Making Her Heart Race

There is a quiet dignity in serving your fellows, whether that be by making them food, tending to their needs, or even cleaning up after them.

When we travel, there are many headaches to contend with, airport security, travel schedules, and packing. Imagine, however, that when you got to your hotel room, it was a mess from the previous guest.

Hotel maid is not a glamorous job, but it’s one that both outgoing and incoming room guests often fail to appreciate. At least, until Kyle Oreffice and Josh Gibson got involved.

With the rise of social media, a number of things have changed about society. One is that a stray moment caught on film and shared online can make you famous (or infamous).

The other is that amateur filmmakers deploy hidden cameras to pull “pranks” on people that rack up millions of views on YouTube.

Kyle and Josh took a different approach. Sure, their videos have a prank or “surprise” element to it. The reaction, however, is more likely to bring tears to your eyes than cruel laughter at someone’s misfortune or misunderstanding.

They also like to pay it forward.

Their YouTube channel, Give Back Films, is part hidden camera show and part gameshow, where the contestants don’t know they are playing.

In this video, they leave a $500 tip for a hotel maid at a motel near Park City, Utah where the Sundance Film Festival happens each year. Kyle and Josh don’t identify her, because unlike most social media stars they know some people like to maintain some level of privacy.

So, to give this lucky hotel employee her tip, they first had to mess up the room. Really, all they did was unmake the beds and roll around the sheets.

Then they carefully laid out their tip for this hard-worker. Earlier in the video, the hotel’s owner (also unnamed) recounts when her new maid was just a guest.

She stayed at the hotel with her folks, but she noticed the “Now Hiring” sign. The motel recently lost its maid, and the film festival was about to start. It’s the motel’s best season all year.

The owner agreed, mostly out of desperation, but was rewarded for her trust. Not only did the new maid efficiently clean the rooms and do the laundry, but she organized things and made the operation more efficient.

So, after the fellas left, she went in to clean the room unaware of what awaited her…

Watch the video below to see the deserving maid find her reward – it’s an act of kindness that’ll warm your heart!

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