Mother cat lost her kittens, then this orphan newborn showed up and they both found happiness again

Just like human beings, animals have feelings too. They feel the emotions and let them out just as a human does. There are countless stories of animals, even of different species comforting and showing compassion to each other. And this cat-kitten duo has definitely experienced some strong feelings.

Ember is a mother cat who sadly lost her own kittens due to an illness. Heartbroken, she was taken to the Atlanta Humane Society, where the kind volunteers have hardly tried to drive away her sadness. But the pain caused by her lost, seemed irremediable at that point. But just when the staff thought nothing could help the grieving cat, a newborn orphan kitten stepped in.

Flame was only a couple of days old when orphaned. So when the poor little soul arrived the Atalanta Human Society, he desperate need of a mother’s love. She was immediately taken into a foster home but apparently a human’s love and care wasn’t enough. It is when de staff at the shelter decided to put Flame and Ember, together.

“She had lost all of her babies,” Christina Hill, director of marketing and communications for AHS, told The Dodo, “but not her motherly instinct.” Since then, they both found find happiness again. While Ember showed Flame what love means, by cuddling him all day along, the tiny kitten comfort his adoptive mom, after her lost.

“Pairing her and Flame up was the best thing for the both of them,” Christina told Love Meow. “When Mama Ember first saw Flame, you could tell she was immediately in love. She started snuggling him, cleaning him, and encouraging him to feed. It was absolutely adorable.”

Since the moment they first met, it was an instant connection between them. And from that point on, Ember and Flame was inseparable. But more than that, they both started to live again. “With Ember grieving the loss of her kittens and Flame with the loss of his mother, the two were destined to become their own little family,” Christina said.

h.t: boredpanda | lovemeow

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