Mother dolphin jumps for joy, after fishermen release her calf from net

The fishing nets are one of the major causes of the marine animals death. Therefore, when a footage showing a dolphin calf being released from one of these deadly traps, aires, it’s nothing but heart-warming.

This heart-melting footage was captured in Southern Italy, off the island of Procida, few miles off the coast of Naples. And it shows a helpless dolphin calf being released by some kind-hearted fishermen from their nets. But that’s not all, because when the little’s ones mom sees her beloved baby is released, she made some joyful jumps, to thank the fishermen for their kind gesture.

However, this type of scenario is isolated, as countless marine animals are being affected by the fishing activities. Ans a result, so many animal rights groups are pledging for the reducing of these human activities in those areas.

“Research shows that interactions with the bottlenose dolphins is (sic) having a significant impact on the [population’s] resting and feeding behavior and that people are ‘loving the dolphins too much,” the New Zealand’s Department of Conservation told in a statement.

It’s out of question that a mother’s love is unmeasurable, so for the dolphin mom, this is the best way to show her gratitude for the kind men, who set her baby free. The adorable footage was captured by Mario Polizzi and then shared on Facebook, where thousands fell in love with the mother dolphin’s reaction.

“That was absolutely spectacular; one very happy mum dolphin showing so much gratitude at being reunited with its calf is truly heartwarming,” one Facebook user wrote on the video. While another one, added:

“Beautiful. Brings tears to my eyes. Dolphins are really evolved and intelligent creatures.”

While, it’s uncertain if the dolphin mother’s moves were a way to thank the fishermen, we all know how intelligent creatures dolphins are. More than that, dolphin mothers are spending a lot of time with their calfs in order to prepare them for the cruel marine life. According to scientist, the dolphins are spending up to six years with their calfs.

According to a study, dolphins are also singing to their babies in the womb. And this isn’t surprising at all, thinking about how intelligent creatures the dolphins are. More than that it is scientific proved they used “signature whistles” to communicate with each other.

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