Mother squirrel stops woman and leads her to its injured baby

This is the kind of story I really need to see it to believe it. But it also restores my faith in humanity, too. A few days ago, Tia Powell was walking through a park, in her neighborhood in Virginia, when she spotted a squirrel. Nothing unusual so far as the squirrels population there is pretty large.

However, while the woman continued her walk, she noticed that the little animal is actually approaching her as it was asking for something. The woman realized something’s wrong, when the creature started to be insistent with Tia to stop.

“She ran up to me and grabbed my sweatpants. I was shocked and speechless,” the woman told the Dodo. “She came right back.Something told me to see what would happen, so I stopped and watched her.”

It’s when Tia realized the squirrel was in a desperate need of help and she lead her to a spot where she perfectly understood what was going on. “She had a baby squirrel with her and the baby squirrel had a hurt leg,” the woman said.

“I felt bad because I pushed it away the first time instead of just waiting to see. My children and I love animals, so to see it hurt and the mom couldn’t help was sad,” Tia told CBS News.

Tia, then grabbed out the injured baby and feed him and its mom with a sandwich she had. Then she tried to pull the little one up to a three. It is when she noticed its injury it’s worst than she thought, so she call the police and a friend at the Humane Society. “In their defence, I did sound like a crazy lady saying the squirrels wouldn’t let me leave. But they showed up and assisted as much as they could,” she said.

A couple of days after, Tia returned to the same park, with her son, this time, when she spotted the squirrels.

“My youngest son said, ‘Look, there’s a squirrel.’ I turned my head and there were two squirrels at the edge of a branch staring directly at me. I smiled back. I believe that was the same two squirrels,” Tia told the Dodo. Her kindness saved someone’s life. “It’s still kind of surreal and neat at the same time. I am glad that I had that experience,” the woman says. “It was an experience that will always be remembered.”

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