Muscular pit bull tiptoes around because he’s afraid of disturbing the cat

Everyone knows dogs and cats are not getting along particularly well. So when when a puppy and a kitten are sharing the same house, it’s easy to see whose the boss there. Especially when the doggie has an intimidating reputation, like a pit bull for example.

However, despite they’re mostly brave and muscular dogs, pit bulls are nothing but gentle giants. And this rescued pup isn’t different. In fact he’s more than that, because the way he acts in the presence of a cat make everyone to reconsider a dog’s reputation.

Redd is a massive 5-year-old rescued pit bull. Pounds Hounds Res-Q is the rescue group that saved Redd’s life and now he’s living with a foster family until he would be adopted. The lovely dog is very friendly so his foster parents though it won’t any problem if Redd will share the home with their cat. Apparently the were so wrong. The muscular pit bull became unexplainable, extremely scared in the cat’s presence.

In a painfully hilarious footage, Redd can be seen how he literally tiptoes while walking behind the cat’s door, as he’s afraid of disturbing it. At some point his foster parents are calling him from the other room. But when Redd finds himself in front of the cat’s room, he instantly became extremely nervous. He starts to walk very very slowly in his attempt of not making any noise that could disturb the house’s boss. Needless to mention, the cat room’s door is closed. Have a look:

His foster parents and his rescuers as well couldn’t find any explanation regarding his bizarre behavior, especially the cat is a very peaceful creature. “We have no idea why he’s so afraid of the cat,” Donna Darrell, founder & co-executive Director of Pound Hounds Res-Q NYC rescue group, told Bored Panda.

Despite being so scared by cats, Redd is still “an amazing dog” and we hope he’d soon find a lovely family to adopt him!

h/t: MailOnline

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