Muslim restaurant posts sign on Christmas Day with message that goes viral

The Christmas spirit is a powerful force no matter what religion you identify with! The idea of loving the neighbor and caring for others the way you’d like to be cared for are international concepts and span over almost every religion. That’s why one Muslim restaurant owner decided to do something on Christmas that has won the internet!

Instead of shutting his doors or charging a bit more during the Christmas holiday, London restaurant owner Hasan Masud decided to show some kindness. He kept his Turkish restaurant open on the holiday and posted a sign that read:

“Free of charge – No one eats alone on a Christmas Day!

We are here to sit with you! Three-course meal for the homeless from 12 – 6 PM. 

Any homeless or elderly are welcome!”

Even though he doesn’t celebrate Christmas, he wanted to make sure those who do were cared for and given a full meal with people who want to be with them!

Immediately after posting this sign, people began to take notice. The sign was shared online and liked by millions of people around the globe. Hasan told Buzzfeed News that he doesn’t understand the fuss and just wanted to do the right thing for the people who needed help the most.

“We’re just helping people… lots of people stay home alone for Christmas… They don’t need to. They can come here and have some fun.”

Hasan definitely embodied the Christmas spirit and did so without seeking attention. We can all strive to be more like Hasan during the year to come! After all, what’s Christmas all about, if not kindness, love and respect!

h/t: FaithTap


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