Neighbor does the sweetest thing for dog who kept jumping up every day to say ‘hi’


There is a strong reason why dogs are called the men’s best friends. The unconditional love they offer, the loyalty and their friendly nature make them some of the most adorable creatures on Earth. Needless to mention that no one’s brighting a day as a dog does.

Even though, when it comes to showing their friendly spirit, some of our furry companions could be a little bit too insistent. And this pup in California is no different. But fortunately, her neighbor find the perfect way to make the dog’s life a little more easier.

Jennifer Bowman showed both compassion and ingenuity for a pup next door, that used to visit her and her own dog, every single day. Penny is an energetic German Shepherd who simply adores to salute her neighbors. But since the wood fence’s height that separate the two properties, stopped the German Shepherd to make eye contact with her so beloved neighbors, when saying ‘hello,’ Jennifer decided to make Penny’s life easier.

Poor Penny used to jump up, every day to saluter Jennifer and her pup, so the woman made the sweetest thing a neighbor could ever do, for a doggie. “Got tired of the neighbor’s German shepherd jumping to peek over the fence so I made her a peeking spot,” the woman wrote online. “I think she likes it.”

Using a power drill, the genius woman created tree holes – two for the pup’s eyes and one for her nose. In this why is a piece of cake for Penny when she wants to admire her neighbors. And she’s not only able to enjoy Jennifer’s backyard view, but she can also enjoy the smells. That’s what I call a cool neighbor. Have a look:

(h/t: boredpanda)