Netflix is looking for dogs to star in a canine documentary series

Netflix just announced it is looking for some adorable dogs to act in their second series of a documentary about dogs. So if you’re that type o dog owner whose fur friend is always in the spotlights, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

“Guess what?! Dogs is coming back for another season!” sounds the Netflix tweet. So if your dog loves a photo session more than he loves a snack, then all you have to do is to share your story on Twitter or Instagram using @NetflixDogs or #netflixdogstory.

“From the beginning we have said that the joy shown in Dogs helps bring people together and that same feeling will translate more than ever in Season Two,” was the announce made by the the executive producers of the show, Amy Berg and Glen Zipper.

“Dogs offers us the ability to explore some of the most important human stories through relationships with our best friends and it’s been amazing to see how much these episodes have touched audiences and critics across the globe.

“Most importantly, our fans have become part of our extended family and we are honoured to bring them a fresh set of stories that will allow us to connect with them yet again,” they added.

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