Nice guy saves tiny raccoon who got his head stuck in a can


Even the smallest act of kindness can make a huge difference. This time a bike rider’s big soul saved the life of a tiny creature!

The other day while he was riding his bike, Florida-based fitness model Mack Roesch has spotted something moving in the middle of the road. He immediately pulled over and went to investigate. It turned out there was a young raccoon in very big troubles. The animal got his head stuck in a tin can. Unable to see, the tiny raccoon was wandering on the road.

Mack knew he had to act quickly as the little one’s life was in real danger. So he took the animal into his arms and then cautiously tried to remove the can off his head. But the things looked worst than he first thought. He needed to act very carefully, because any wrong move could had lead to harming the poor animal.


Meantime a woman showed up and jumped to help Mack out, but even so, their efforts seemed in vain. The only option to save the raccoon’s life was to cut the tin can off. Since they hadn’t any tools to do that, the nice guy just jumped in a car and ride home to get some can cutters.


Mack wasn’t living far away, so he returned within minutes. While he was gone, the woman that helped him kept an eye on the raccoon. Once he got back, other helps arrived. Eventually, he managed to cut the can in the end and to free the poor little thing who run back in the forest.


The dramatic rescue was captured on camera and shortly after Mack shared it on social media. “[I] was on a bike ride and saw this poor animal stuck,” the hero wrote. “Image your head in a can , so I jumped to action then others saw and helped , I had to ride my bike fast to my house and get tin snippers and cut off the can.” The footage immediately went viral gaining over 100 million views!

Watch the heroic rescue, here: