Nurse cat tenderly looks after other animals at shelter in Poland

While for superstitious people, a black cat only brings bad luck, Rademenes is nothing but an angel. And his story is melting hearts! A few years ago, a black cat was brought at this veterinary centre in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Diagnosed with a respiratory infection, Radamenes’ chances to survive were extremely low. Fortunately, he made did through, beating all the odds.

Now, the incredible kind cat is returning the favor as he is nursing the surgery animals at the centre. “Maybe he knew he was near the end and began fighting for his life. Whatever, he began winning and was soon as right as rain,” said Lucyna Kuziel, the vet who saved the cat’s life.

It doesn’t matter if there’s a dog or any other animal, who needs help, Rademenes shares his boundless love to each and every one of them. With his hugs, he comforts al the fur patience at the centre. “He cuddles and hugs other poorly animals. He cleans them, and sleeps with them, and pays particular attention to those suffering from serious disease. It’s as if having been so close to death’s door himself, he now wants to help others get better. We joke that he is now one of our full-time nurses,” Lucyna said.

Even if he’s not getting paid for his work, Rademenes is acting as a full-time nurse. And the images bellow speak for themselves.






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