Oil rig workers rescue dog swimming 135 miles off shore

The last thing anyone would expect to spot hundreds of miles away from land is a dog. But that’s exactly what a group of oil rig workers have seen. Vitisak Payalaw was on the oil platform around 135 miles off shore in the Gulf of Thailand, when spotted the poor creature swimming for its life towards the oils rig’s platform.

“I thought that if we didn’t move quickly, I would not be able to help him,” Payalaw told CNN. “If he lost his grip, it would be very difficult to help him. His eyes were so sad. He just kept looking up just like he wanted to say, ‘please help me.'”

The man knew he had to act quickly as the dog was in a real danger. With the help of three of his coworkers, they managed to saved the pup in a dramatic rescue. Using a rope, the men have somehow managed to bring the exhausted dog on the deck, by securing it around its neck.

Once they knew the dog was safe, the workers hurry to give him water and something to eat, as he looked extremely exhausted. “He looked extremely exhausted and ran out of energy. He didn’t move much,” Payalaw said. “He was shaking and he couldn’t stand, he had to sit all the time.”

After spending a few more days on the platform, the rescue dog named Survivor, was taken by a boat to a shelter on the southern port of Songkhla. There he has been declared in a a good shape and since no one had claimed him, his rescuer Payalaw decided to adopt him, just as he promised the moment he saved its life.

As about how he got so far off shore, the dog had most likely fell or jumped from a boat. But now, thanks to Payalaw and the other kind workers, he’s now safe and most important has a new home and definitely a lovely father.

h/t: cbsnews

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