“Operation Battle Buddies” gives free puppies to our veterans in need

This charity group in United States is trying to help our veterans as much as possible, when they return from overseas. Called ‘Operation Battle Buddies,’ the nonprofit organization gives Lab Retriever puppies to US military heroes. Whether they have visible or invisible injuries.

“They are elite dogs. We pay for good training,”Kathy Golliher, the founder of the group declared. The service dogs are provided absolutely free.  According to Operation Battle Buddies, it’s their way of thanking veterans for their bravery and loyalty to the country.

As Kathy says, the most touching part of the process is when the pups are being handled to the veterans. “There’s not even words. I cry bits of tears,”she said.

One of those veterans is Rich Stinson, who served the country for 24 years. He admitted he still has personal health issues since returning home. “A lot of feelings of not being worthy, not being successful,” Stinson told to the News 4 San Antonio.

At his doctor recommendation, Stinson arrived at Operation Battle Buddies. On Sunday. And in few days he will receive his own service dog, for free. The veteran declared himself very happy that from now own he will have a buddy “hat will love [me] unconditionally.”

“I’m going to have somebody that will love me unconditionally, regardless of what my anxiety may produce. I can feel it now, this is great. I’m going to love her, as much as she loves me. She’s my battle buddy,” Stinson declared.

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