Orphaned baby squirrels find comfort in an unlikely foster cat mom, now they’re inseparable

Humans still have a lot to learn from animals, when it comes to caring and comforting those in need of help. Regardless the species, animals seem to have some incredible maternal instincts that suddenly kick in when needed the most. In an incredibly selfless act, a cat adopted four orphaned baby squirrels and takes care of them as they were her own babies.

A local in Bakhchisaray, South Crimea, Eastern Europe found some orphaned baby squirrels and brought them to the Crimea’s Bakhchisaray Miniature Park. While the staff at the park was concerned about the little ones, there was one mama cat that decided to help out and offer her support to the confused little creatures.

Pusha, a cat which has her own babies, decided to double her family and instantly adopted the cute little squirrels. “On one beautiful day, visitors brought us these wonderful squirrels in a box,” Olga Fateeva, an employee of the park told the local media. “At that time, our cat had just given birth so we decided to introduce them to her and she accepted them.”

The moment the four babies met their adoptive mom is so overwhelming. The cat immediately offered them her protection and the comfort and the love they needed so much. It’s so fascinating to see what incredible gesture animals are capable of. Watch the lovely family bellow!

Now the unlikely family is inseparable. Thanks to Pusha’s maternal instincts, the orphaned squirrels made it through, She offered them her love and cuddles and that’s what saved the little ones’ lives. As about Pusha’s little kittens, they getting along very well with their adopted brothers. “They sleep together, follow each other, climb, and cuddle,” Olga said.

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