People are calling this ‘the most powerful Christmas commercial ever’

Christmas is a time we should spend it with family and friends. At least once a year we should all gather together and enjoy the magic of winter. But we all have such busy lives. Sadly, our modern lives make us compromise the time we should spend with our loved ones.

The commercial starts with an old man coming home with his dog to hear a voicemail from his daughter, explaining that she and kids can’t make it for Christmas this year. Viewers then can see the old man eating Christmas dinner all by himself.

Maybe this is one of the main reasons this commercial managed to touch everyone. The ad presents an old man whose family is always too busy to see him during the holidays and many people can relate to that. But this time, the situation changes as all his children receive a sad note. They now have to meet at their old home, because their dad is presumably, no longer among them.

What finally brings the family together is an emotional reminder of the sad consequences of not spending enough time with family, using the hashtag #heimkommen – come home.

We should all learn something from this commercial. We should learn there’s nothing more important than family in this world. The time spent alongside the loved ones is priceless. And Christmas is the perfect opportunity to show them we care!

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