People who decorate their homes for holidays are proven to be smarter and happier


Are you one of those people who get excited about holidays way in advance and start planning how you will decorate and celebrate this time? If yes, you are one of the smart ones. Are you the kind of person who waits for your favorite holiday all year? Do you get all excited when you see that decorations are up for sale? Do you start preparing for holidays in advance and get in the holiday spirit? If yes, then well, we have some good news for you.

While people might ask you to chill and tell you that you’re sort of overreacting, it is proven that people who get into the holiday spirit and decorate their homes are way happier than the ones who don’t.

According to psychology, when you get into the holiday spirit and start cleaning around, you pay attention to little things you’ve been ignoring for so long, you find old photos, remember old stories and your brain starts reminiscing the past and happy memories.

Putting up fairy lights and ornaments takes you on a joyride and you feel in touch with your lost childhood. You forget about your current problems and stress in life and become naturally happier.

Celebrating holidays helps one relax and takes them away from their hectic adult life for a few days which is the reason your brain desperately waits for holidays to come and you cover up for the time by decorating your house early.

Not just that, holidays are a great way to initiate conversations with people and make new friends. It has been observed that during holidays, even the ones you hardly speak to, come to talk to you along with holiday greeting. Tis’ the season to be nice after all.

A recent study done by the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that putting decorations outside your house makes you seem more approachable and friendly. People automatically assume that the ones who celebrate holidays are the nice ones.

For some, putting up decorations may also be their way of remembering lost loved ones, cherishing the times they spent together. Whereas, the ones who get hyped up for Halloween, for them, it’s a way of expressing themselves and feel free.

Here are some great DIY Christmas decorations ideas:

Glittery lights and shiny ornaments help one relax and feel peaceful. Bright but soft lights are proven to help one reduce stress and help with anxiety, which is the reason why people who decorate their houses in advance are happier than the ones who don’t celebrate holidays.

So, next time someone asks you to chill and not get so hyped up about holidays, tell them that you’re way smarter than they are and that’s just not you talking, your argument is backed up by science and psychology as well.

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