Heartbroken pit bull can’t stop crying when he realizes his family left him in a shelter

Even if many people don’t want to believe it, animals do have feelings too. Mostly they’re very emotional in the moment their heartless owners leave them behind. Unfortunately that happened with Blue King (Blue for short) – a lovely pit bull.

The poor dog was around a year old when his family decided to move from California. Unfortunately, instead of taking Blue with them (as any dog owner should do) they took him at the Carson Shelter in California and leave him there. In his first days at the shelter, the heartbroken pit bull only stayed inside his kennel without even barking. The moment a kind volunteer approached him to offer him a treat, she realized Blue is crying without stopping. It’s when the volunteer knew she had to do something to help the poor little thing

They took a picture of the so-sad pup and share it on Facebook. A few hours later Jennifer McKay who has seen the heartbreaking photo decided to pay a visit to the shelter. Eventually the kind woman adopted Blue.

“He looked very sad and depressed,” the woman told The Dodo. “He wouldn’t even acknowledge me at all. All the other dogs were making eye contact and wagging their tails, but he wouldn’t stand up, wouldn’t come see me.”

Jennifer noticed the sad dog was missing his previous owners so much. But even so she wanted to take him home right away. However, due to some some procedures that couldn’t happened in that day as the shelter needed to test his temperament before the adoption. But Jennifer kept visiting this cute dog over the next days and when she was finally able to take him home she was so excited. And apparently Blue was excited as well as by the days he became much more close to her adoptive mom.

“He kind of tricked me,” Jennifer said. “I was expecting to get a really laid back, chill dog, but as soon as the gates opened in the kennel, he was super excited. He just seems happy. I got home from work yesterday, and he ran straight to me. He’s just a good dog. I’m super excited to have him be part of the family.”

Thankfully Blue got his second chance to life and now he he found all the love and comfort he ever needed in his new home, next to his new be-loving mom!

h/t: thedodo

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