Pit bull in wheelchair meets another dog with wheels and they instantly become best friends

Jackie Perdue’s Labrador, pit bull mix Zoey is paralyzed from the waist down, but it doesn’t stop her from living a dog gone good life!

“She was missing for two months and we found her two months later around Christmas time in a canyon with a broken back, so she’s paralyzed from the waist down,” Jackie says. “We don’t know what caused her to break her back, so she wasn’t hurt like this before the accident, she was a completely normal dog and then this happened.” Jackie has since then put Zoey in therapy and bought her dog a set of wheels to scoot around on.

Zoey has never met another handicapped dog before so Jackie set up a beach playdate in San Diego, California with another dog named Scooty in June 2017.

“This is going to be Zoey’s first time playing with another handicapped dog,” Jackie says. “So, I’m so interested to see how Zoey is with Scooty and what Zoey thinks of seeing another dog in a wheelchair — I’m really, really excited for this!”

When Jackie got to the beach with her dog, she got her paws wet then when she saw Scooty she raced after her into the water! Along with Scooty, Zoey played with other dogs in the ocean just the way any dog would.

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