Playful Golden Retriever steals news reporter’s microphone during live broadcast

This is the hilarious footage a naughty pup caught a news reporter off-guard and stole her microphone. And like it wasn’t comical enough already, the whole scene was live on TV as the reporter was giving a live weather update. Thankfully after a little chasing, the woman recovered her microphone.


Earlier this month, Nadezhda Serezhkina was live broadcasting for MIR 24 from Moscow, when all of a sudden a Golden Retriever just jumped in front of the camera with the clear intention to grab the microphone from Serezhkina’s hands. As stealing it wasn’t enough already, the playful dog also started to ran off with it. Confused, the poor reporter didn’t know what to do, but to follow the innocent thief to take back the microphone.


The funny incident unsurprisingly sent the anchors in the studio into laughter and a 30 seconds break followed. However, that was enough for Serezhkina to recover her microphone and to go live again. Meantime, she and the puppy whose name is Martin befriended each other. The woman learned that the dog’s intentions wasn’t to harm her, but to play with her.


In the end the reporter and the adorable dog buried the hatchet with a strong hand-paw shake! “None of the film crew was injured, only the microphone got,” the station later wrote on Facebook.

Watch the hilarious moment bellow:

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