Plush British B&B for holiday makers

If you are planning to spend some of your holidays in Britain, our two cents is that you give the following accommodation a thought. It is about Grays Boutique B&B Hotel in the City of Bath.

Grays, a Victorian villa on Bath’s southern slopes, showcases 12 plush bedrooms. On entering the hall featuring high ceilings, gilded mirrors, sweet sofa, you will feel you have arrived a very special place. It is family run and the second to none service is a mix of impeccable and warm-hearted. Wall-to-wall coir carpeting throughout the indoor space will lead you to marvelous bedrooms painted harmonious colours, beds with majestic mattresses and piles of pillows, fresh flowers, lavender bags, treats and chandeliers, limestone touches in the bathrooms and drenching showers. The best rooms with views areto be found at the front, at the back there are the most peaceful, whereas the most fun are perched up in the attic.

The delightful guest house is located within 10 miles of the bus or train station. Give it a try. You won’t regret it!

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