This police department allows people to pay their parking ticket with donations to shelter cats

Police officers, parking tickets and cats, all in the same context doesn’t actually sounds as a happy ending story, right? However, in this case that’s exactly what it is.

The though officers are proving they are nothing but kindhearted guys. And the story is a heart warming one. The reason? Well, the Muncie Police Department, in Muncie, Indiana decided to show their great fond of cats in such a beautiful way. Instead of charging those who are parking in restricted areas, the police officers allow them to pay their debts with donations to the local animal shelter.

The donations may consist in food, blankets, litter, beds or any other cats supplies and they can be made directly to the Muncie Animal Care & Services in the amount of fine. Of course, you can make extra donations as well.

The brilliant idea came up after the Police Department received a complain from the local shelter, about the cat over population during the summer months. And since their funds are limited, the shelter expressed their worries in fulfil the expectations of taking care of their resident felines, not to talk about the ones who were about to be brought in. Therefore, the kind hearted officers decided to help out. An incredible act of kindness, we have to admit!

“Pay your parking tickets in cat food! Until Friday the 19th at 4 PM we are allowing folks to pay their parking tickets in cat food, kitten food, or kitty litter! Bring a donation in the amount of your ticket. We want to help!” Muncie Police Department wrote in a tweet!

And as expected, the shelter volunteers were more than happy about the unexpected gesture. “We are incredibly grateful for the support we receive from the community, and this is such a wonderful opportunity to help your local shelter,” the Muncie Animal Care wrote on their Facebook page. “Thank you to the Muncie Police Department for putting this together!”

Of course, the citizens embraced the idea as well and the campaign was a really successful one, so far.

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