Police dogs and horses are now protected by law, thanks to ‘Fabulous Finn’

Starting from June 8th, police dogs and horses will be protected by law. Therefore, injuring them will be considerate an offence. This was possible thanks to an officer and his brave and loyal dog.

Called ‘Finn’s Law,’ the legislation was inspired by Britain’s Got Talent contestants Dave Wardell and his service dog, Finn. “Finn has a bit of a cheeky character. He knows how to get exactly what he wants from me – he knows how to pull all my bells and whistles. He’s one very special dog,” the officer said back then about his loyal companion.

It all started when the bond between Finn and Dave experienced a dramatic moment back in 2016. While on mission, Finn was wounded “while detaining a robbery suspect,” sacrificing himself for his partner. The brave dog miraculously managed to survive.

“This has been an incredible but testing journey, however it has been such a joy to be a part of, we have met people from all walks of life with a common interest, to ensure police animals are protected while serving their community,” officer Dave said. “Finn has attended every single stage at Parliament and is quite a feature there now. He has made many friends throughout this journey and I’m sure he won’t forget a single one.

“I’m proud of my best friend, he has certainly gone down in history. He has turned such a horrendous event into something so positive, his legacy will never be forgotten by his furry colleagues,” he added.

According to the Metro, The Queen signed off the law and gave it Royal Assent less than a week later. Finn’s law passed in Parliament in April means defendants can no longer claim self-defence.

Thank you Finn and Dave!

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