Woman waves to a bear from her car, has bear respond in hilarious fashion

Huge wild animals as lions or bears are nothing but fierce looking. Anyway, even them could display a funny smiley face from time to time, producing a totally hilarious moment. Let’s take this big yet so adorable bear for example.

This 300 pound brown bear has a huge personality. One might expect this particular brown bear to be used to visitors and onlookers, but for some reason, this woman brought out his endearingly friendly attitude. At the Olympic Game Farm in Washington, hundreds of animals like this enormous brown bear can be seen, but an interaction like this one was truly unexpected.

Screenshot via Youtube

The Olympic Game farm offers up-close views of wildlife so that visitors can learn about amazing and often unseen animals. As visitors drive through the exhibit, they can see animals in their natural environment in the beautiful region of Washington. This bear is a perfect example of an up-close and personal interaction!

Screenshot via Youtube

The video is short, but the bear’s reaction is unmistakable. Watch it once (or twice) and prepare to burst into chuckles. Especially from a large majestic animal like this brown bear, the response is comical!

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