Take a peek inside Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s new house

It looks like Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are moving into a new house. The Kensington Palace made the announcement in a statement. They revealed that the royal couple are preparing to move to the country.

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will move to Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor Estate early next year as they prepare for the arrival of their first child. The couple have lived at Nottingham Cottage since their engagement last year. Windsor is a very special place for Their Royal Highnesses and they are grateful that their official residence will be on the estate. The Duke and Duchess’s official office will continue to be based at Kensington Palace,” the statement said

The mansion was given by her Majesty, the Queen to the young couple. Known as Frogmore Cottage, it is located to Windsor.

The royal chef Darren McGrady who used to live just next door in the Stables, said

“When I was there, Frogmore Cottage was split into five different homes. Staff accommodation was run by the Crown properties so it was paid for by the government and they never really overspend. It was a fantastic location – you’re in the Queen’s back garden – but a little bit run-down. If something wanted repairing it would just be repaired, it would never be replaced. The staff quarters were never the most luxurious so I can imagine there’s a lot of work to be done to turn them into royal accommodation.”

“I’m sure it’ll be put back together and brought back to its glory for Harry and Meghan. They would need to make a lot of changes though, absolutely! They could easily do 10, 12 bedrooms there and then add in all the extras – the drawing rooms, the sitting rooms, the gym,” he added.

Take a look inside Harry and Meghan’s new home!

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