Principal’s talking when teachers storm the stage, quickly becomes epic event no one will forget

Anyone who has ever been a high school student is aware that when the principal is speaking, attention must be paid. The students of Whitmer High School from Toledo, Ohio knew this, when their principal came forward to give them a pep talk before their  Homecoming football game.

Suddenly, something stunning happened. One of the teachers  interrupted the principal and told him to take a seat.

Bruno Mars’ hit “Uptown Funk” started to play and a few teachers stepped forward for a flash mob dance routine. When saw the scene, the students and than the whole audience cheered the surprising performance. But it was only the beginning…

As the song played on, other teachers and the school’s mascots have joined the dancing group on the floor, in an epic performance.

Katie Peters, a Whitmer teacher, was the one who put together this incredible pep rally. And not only she organized an epic show, she ensured the moment was filmed and than posted on social media, where it went viral immediately.

For anyone who’s saying that teachers nowadays aren’t cool, Whitmer High School’s incredible representation just proved them wrong. In the video bellow you can watch the amazing performance!


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