Pup guards pregnant mom for 9 months, then meets newborn baby for the first time

Introducing a newborn human to your pet for the first time can be extremely nerve-wracking. Some dogs might get jealous of the new addition and the lack of attention may not sit well with them. Some dogs might become protective over their new little siblings, while others may be indifferent. Yvonne and Eddie Walsh, of Dublin, Ireland, were excited to bring their newborn baby, Nicholas, home, but they weren’t sure how their Chihuahua, Quica, would react to him.

Not knowing what to expect, Yvonne decided to capture this moment on video. She said that Quica had been very protective of her pregnant stomach the last nine months. But they never expected what Quica would do next.

In the video below, you’ll see Eddie lowering four-day-old Nicholas toward Quica, who instantly submitted to him. She rolled right onto her back, showing everyone that Nicholas will be the new boss around here. The couple couldn’t stop smiling at Quica’s reaction. While lying on her back, Quica takes a few good sniffs of Nicholas. It’s obvious that she and Nicholas are going to be best buds.

The Walsh’s say that Quica stands by Nicholas’ crib and watches over him and alerts them whenever he makes a sound or cries. While she is always around him, she knows to be very gentle with him and still submits in his presence. Watch the heartwarming scene, bellow!

h/t: ilovemydogsomuch.tv

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