Cute puppy in Dumbo’s costume acting as a toy wins the internet

The Halloween fever hits us all and dogs make no exception. We’ve seen how hilarious puppies could look like if dressed as cartoon characters. But this particularly little fella steal your heart. Dressed up as Dumbo and acting like he’s a toy, this cute pup definitely deserves an Oscar

Few days ago a lovely footage showing a cute little dog in Dumbo’s costume went viral. The funniest thing about the short video is that beside its hilarious costume, the puppy acts as a toy. And his owner even uses a key to activate him.

Soon after he’s recharged by the owner’s key, the puppy trots away. He’s taking his role play in serious, no doubt of that. Showing a lot of discipline and focus, the dog walks few steps then he’s lying on the ground and waits for his owner to pick him up and start him again with his magic key. All to the crowds delight.

At the end of the video, the owner took his costume off. And then the dog walks proudly cheered by the crowd. He looks so satisfied after his adorable performance. Costumed dogs look so funny. And it’s nearly impossible to not bring a smile on your face when watch them. Bellow we present you some of the funniest dogs in costume. Enjoy it!

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