Puppy looking for help for his sick sister, asks the rescuer to follow her and rests his paw on her

The responsibility of nurturing animals can be likened to caring for children, a task not devoid of challenges. Unfortunately, the owner of these puppies chose to forsake them instead of providing necessary medical care. The young pups were left to navigate survival in a waterlogged farm.

Upon hearing any noise, the hopeful pups would anticipate their owner’s return, only to face disappointment time and again. They found solace in each other’s presence, offering mutual comfort through cuddles and licks.

Their predicament eventually reached a compassionate man who, despite his limited resources, provided them with food and water. Lacking the means for veterinary care, he reached out to an animal rescue group for assistance.

The rescue team arrived just in time to aid the ailing pups. When one was rescued, the other ran a short distance before stopping and looking back, as if pleading with the rescuers to follow her.

On following her, they discovered the heartbreaking scene of a third sibling who had succumbed to the harsh weather and starvation. Even in the face of this tragic reality, the surviving pup attempted to rouse her deceased sibling.

Thankfully, the two remaining puppies were rushed to a medical center for health evaluations. It was determined that they suffered from Demodex mange, a condition thankfully treatable. The pups were then fostered, receiving months of treatment before they fully recuperated.

In a fortunate turn of events, they were adopted by the same family post-recovery, marking a happy ending to their arduous journey. Such a stroke of luck!

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