Puppy escapes from home, then rings doorbell to get back inside

The thing we love at our pups is they actually do all sort of hilarious things and we just cannot get upset on them, no matter what! However, they have moments when they disappear making our heart to beat out of our chests. So with a broken heart all we can do is to look for our escaped doggy. That sort of feeling is something I would never want to experience again.

Anyway, some dogs got a guilty conscience and they instantly try to fix their mistakes. It is the case of this beautiful three months old golden retriever, called Marshall. At some point this curious little fella wanted to explore the neighborhood so he escaped from his home in in Spokane, Washington.

However, he soon realized the outside life without his owner is really boring. I mean, if there’s no one to send you after sticks, what else to do? So, now the pup needs to find a way to get back in, because the front door get locked. Fortunately he was a clever guy and he realized the doorbell might be his best ally. And thankfully for all of us, the home security camera captured the whole moment. And trust me, you haven’t something more adorable, yet! Watch the adorable video, bellow!

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