Rare baby rhino born after using artificial insemination


While lots of animal species are in danger of extinction, when a very rare animal is born it’s truly something to see.  Especially in this situation, where the modern medicine played a crucial role.


The stuff at Miami zoo welcomed a newborn Greater One Horned Indian Rhinoceros, form the 7-year-old mother Akuti and 18-year-old father Suru. According to Miami Zoo, “this is only the second successful birth of this very rare species in the zoo’s history.” However, it is a “historic” event as the baby rhino was born after artificial insemination.

After few unsuccessful attempts and 15 months of pregnancy, the zookeepers are happy their work is finally rewarded.  So far, the vets have not yet been able to perform a neonatal exam as Akuti is a “very protective” mother, Fox News reports.


The Indian rhinoceros are listed as highly endangered with less then 3,000 individuals left in the wild in few areas of Nepal and India where they are native to.


“Over the years, they have been poached extensively for their horn which is used for medicinal purposes and for dagger handles that are revered in some Asian cultures,” Zoo Miami said. “They are the world’s fourth largest land mammal sometimes reaching a weight of 6,000 pounds.”

Video credit Fox 13 News