The world’s rarest whale caught on camera for the very first time

Even nowadays human beings believe they know everything about the planet we live on, there are still unexplored territories on Earth and so many mysteries to be solve, as well as beings we never heard of, and many of these creatures live deep in the oceans. While it is pretty understandable for small species to remain undiscovered, it is a little bit confusing when we’re talking about a massive 38 feet long whale species.

An underwater footage left scientists baffled after a researcher team with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has managed to capture on camera a group of Omura whales off the coast of Madagascar. The rare video marks the first sight of the elusive marine mammals. In fact, since there had never been confirmed sights of these majestic creatures, the marine experts feared the species went extinct.

“Over the years, there have been a small handful of possible sightings of Omura’s whales, but nothing that was confirmed,” Salvatore Cerchio told MailOnline. “They appear to occur in remote regions and are difficult to find at sea, because they are small-they range comparing with their cousins. This is the first definitive evidence and detailed descriptions of Omura’s whales in the wild and part of what makes this work particularly exciting.”

Given their much smaller than other whale species, for many years the marine community had confused the Omura whales with the Bryde’s whale. But back in 2015, after a Omura whale was found washed on an Australian beach, the experts realized it was an Omura whale (a species they thought to be extinct back then). The major difference between the Omura and other whales species is they have a very unique unique asymmetrical pigmentation on their head. Even so, the Omura whales remain a mystery as well as their numbers.

Watch the rare footage bellow!


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