Reporter drops everything to save baby dolphin washed ashore during hurricane

Due to climate change, natural disasters became a permanent treat. Unfortunately nature’s wrath showed its devastating effects so many times. And not only human beings are affected by this uncontrolled fury, but animals as well.

Among those calamities, hurricanes have been much frequent in the last decades, leaving not but ruins on its ways. It’s the case of Hurricane Irma, called “the strongest basin hurricane ever recorded outside the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea,” according to CNN. When it hit Florida’s coastal areas, people that lived there, land animals and marine beings as well were forced to face the disaster.

Back then, the NBC reporter, Kerry Sanders was sent on the Marco Island to relate about the proportions of the calamity. But when his colleagues started to live stream, Kerry wasn’t on the beach. Instead, the reporter was doing something really impressive.

A baby dolphin was washed ashore during the storm, when a tourist spotted him and tried to put him back into the water. But it has proved a very hard challenge for a single man. It’s when the reporter stepped in. Together, the two managed to save the dolphin’s life.

“We have a dolphin that’s been washed ashore here,” Sanders later said, during the broadcast. “We’re attempting to see if we can get it back out into the water. It certainly has gone through a lot of trauma here.”

But that’s not all. Minutes later, the camera captured another rescue. This time, Sanders, helped by other people on the beach were carrying a second dolphin. “Looks like another rescue is underway. The report we got is that the young dolphin that we saw…was safely released,” a voice from the TV studio can be heard.

h/t: animalchannel|Youtube

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