Rescue kitten takes her ‘baby’ blanket everywhere

Life could be extremely though for an orphaned animal, because nothing could ever level a mom’s love. However, some of these poor little animals are lucky enough to find the comfort and love they’re missing in some kind strangers. It’s also the case of Renly and his adoptive mom, Sara Budzynowski.

The two first met at the Wilson Veterinary Hospital, where Sara used to work. The tiny kitten was less than three-week-old when he and his siblings ended up there. Except for Renly, all the other kittens were in a good health. As about this little one, his tail had to be cut off due to an infection. Even so, Sara found him perfect and she instantly fell in love with him. She liked him so much that she decided to foster him into her house until a loving family would adopt him. But little did the young woman know that would be the beginning of a perfect love story.

“About a week after he got that part of his tail amputated, I took him home to foster him and the rest was history,” Sara told The Dodo. First thing when they got home, Sara gave the cute little furry ball a blanket and a stuffed bunny. Now, ten months after Renly and his ‘baby’ blanket are inseparable. He loves his favorite thing so much, he takes it with him everywhere. And his adoptive parents – Sara and her fiancé – are more than happy to see Renly healthy and happy, and of course, being part of their family.

“He always loved his blanket from the day we took him home and usually carries it around his room to where he wants to sleep with it,” Sara said. “Over the months, that blanket has seen a lot and has gone through the wash so many times, but I can’t bear to replace it and plan on keeping it for him for the rest of his life.”

Thanks to his adoptive mom, Renly learned what love and friendship really means. And in the few moments when he’s not with his blanket or his stuffed toy, the rescue cat is spending his time with the family’s two corgis – Hotchner and Azula.

h/t: thedodo

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