Rescued baby deer and affectionate cat can’t stop cuddling each other

Tony and Amanda, a young couple in a Quebec were returning home when spotted something lying on their house porch. It turned out there was a tiny fawn, but nothing unusual so far, thinking they live in a vast woods area. But as Amanda was getting closer she realized it’s something wrong with the little creature.

Weak and scared, the baby deer was in need of help and the young couple knew it, so they took the helpless creature inside their house. “We came back up to the house, and there was a fawn, literally laying on our doorstep,” Tony said. “He had to trust us, in order to survive.”

Image credits: Hoppy The Deer

The young couple surrounded the baby deer with all of their love and kindness and it didn’t took too long until the little fawn regain its strength. During the days they took care of her, Amanda and Tony got really attached by the deer so when the time to release her back in the wild came, they decided to adopt her instead. They called the little fawn Hoppy.

Image credits: Hoppy The Deer

Shortly after, the couple decided to bring Hoppy a friend and they though a cat might be a perfect companion. And they were so right. The moment they adopt Tiptree, the deer felt in love with him. But the cat was no different and shortly the unlikely duo became inseparable. They love to spend time together playing but what they love the most is cuddling each other.

Thankfully, Amanda captured on camera the tender moments her furry companions shared and their special bond won hearts of millions!

The beautiful story of Hoppy, the deer and Tiptree, the cat was so inspiring that even a documentary was made about them. “It’s a terribly sweet story, very Canadian in its kindness and touchingly funny,” a reporter from The Globe And Mail said about the documentary.

h/t: animalchannel

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