Rescued baby wombat can’t stop following his human caretaker everywhere

Just like human beings, animals have feelings, too – there’s no doubt of it. Especially when it comes to those who take care of them. It’s also the case of George – a lovely baby wombat and his human caretaker. The two are sharing an incredible bond.

George was only 4-month-old when he lost his mom in a car accident. At that point his fate seemed to be sealed. Life is more than hard for an orphaned baby animal, but for George the luck smiled around the corner as a stranger found him just in time. Thanks to his savior, the little on was brought to the Australian Reptile Park. There he became best friend with a Tim Faulker – a true animal lover. It was the beggining of a unlikely, yet incredible friendship.


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George the wombat is getting cuter and cuter by the day with his cheeky personality always shining through! I am so lucky to be able to spend so much time with him! @timswildlife #wildlifeoftimfaulkner

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“After a heartbreaking start to life, things are finally looking up for George the wombat,” the park wrote in a social media post. “In fact, slowing him down now seems like the biggest challenge!! At just 4 months of age, little George [lost its mom]. Suddenly alone in the world, George was brought to the Australian Reptile Park where General Manager Tim Faulkner became his new ‘fill-in’ family, providing him with the milk he needed and the cuddles he craved.”

The unlikely duo shortly became inseparable, but apparently the little wombat has not only stolen Tim’s heart, but everyone’s at the Reptile Park. After all, look at that adorable face – it’s impossible not to fell in love with it.

But that’s not all – the little one also melted hearts of millions of people as he became Australia’s most adorable animal in 2017, after beating up other 39 animals in the competition.

“George has always been so adorable in the eyes of staff, so it is so fantastic that the rest of the world also recognises him as Australia’s most adorable animal,” said Tim, George’s best friend. “I’m so proud of the ambassador of Australian species that George has become and has stolen everyone’s heart, again.”

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