Rescued fox and rescued dog become best friends


You probably remember Jupiter, the happiest fox in the world! Well, it turned out she’s not just an Instagram sensation, but a kind, friendly creature, too. Juniper has been bought from a farm when she was only a couple of weeks old.

Since then, she’s living with her fur mom Jessika Coker, in Florida Panhandle and the other members of the family: Moose, an Australian Shepherd mix, Fig, another fox, two Sugar Gliders named Petunia and Peach and quite a few reptile. And while you would expect Jupiter to spend time with the one of his kind, the things are looking completely different.

Even since she was a cub, Jupiter formed a special bond with Moose, the dog. Now, they are inseparable.They eat together, they play together all day long and they even sleep together. Maybe because Jupiter still believes she’s actually a dog, according to their mom.

“Juniper is in love with Moose and spends all day trying to get as much of his attention as possible,” Jessika, told Bored Panda. “I brought Juniper home when she was only five weeks old. Moose was raised around all kinds of animals so when she ran up to him tail wagging and crying they were instantly friends.”


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The three best friends that anybody could have

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However, despite dogs and foxes don’t have a great reputation of getting along of each other, this duo proves the animals’ kindness knows no limits and when it comes to love and comfort, there’s no boundary, even if we’re talking about different species. And this can be seen in Jupiter’s and Moose’s adorable friendship. They both have a hard life when they were young, but fortunately they both got rescued and they find comfort in each other.


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…and we’ll always be friends forever, won’t we?

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“Since Juniper was very tiny when we brought her home he immediately took the role of guardian. She’s also loved him from day,” their fur mom says.

Anyway, one thing is for sure, Jupiter and Moose are really happy together. Despite, they got some small disagreements from time to time! “Foxes are [lying down] on things they want to own or think is theirs. Moose gets sat on daily. I’ll often walk into the room and see Moose laying down with such a glum look on his face while Juniper is there just sitting in this head smiling,” Jessika said.