Rescued ‘inseparable’ mini horse and goose, finally found their forever home

When we talk about happy-ending stories, this one is definitely a headliner. All after two unlikely, yet inseparable friends, find a fever home. Last month, Waffles, a 6-year-old miniature horse, and Hemingway, a goose, have been rescued from a local farm in Pennsylvania. Tough, we’ve been witnessed to so many friendship between animals of different species, it’s always heartwarming when stories like this are surfacing.

“We see interspecies friendships from time to time, but they’re rare. I’ve been in this work 35 years and I’ve not seen a horse-goose best-friend pair,” Linda Reider, the executive director at Bucks County SPCA in Lahaska, Pa. told CTV News Channel.

So, when the volunteers at the Bucks County SPCA, the shelter who rescued the unusual duo, have seen there’s no way for Waffles and Hemingway to be separated, they decided to accept applications, only if they will be adopted together.

“A pair of unlikely animal friends that have made quite the impression on our staff and volunteers at the BCSPCA. These two have been through a lot together and we cannot wait for them to find a loving forever farm. We appreciate all the interest we have had in this lovely pair, as of now Waffles is not yet cleared for adoption and we will not be taking applications until they are both available,” the shelter wrote in a viral Facebook post.

And guess what? Days ago, a family in Montgomery County decided to adopt them…both! ““We thought they were a good addition to our farm, so we decided to apply for them,” the duo’s new mom, Maddie told News Channel. “We loved that they have such a neat, unique friendship. That was a really, really cool thing to us. And we also had heard that Waffles was little bit feisty and spirited, and I really like feisty and spirited, so I thought he’d be a great fit here.”

We’re so glad these cute little fellas have finally found a place where they can enjoy their lives. After all they’ve been through, they really deserve it!

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